COSYTEC is a highly specialised Soft-ware company offering Products and Services based on Constraint Program-ming Technology for solving highly Complex Problems in Resources Man-agement & Optimisation.

COSYTEC was founded in 1990 near Paris, France and has grown consistently since that time. Its founders are from the original CHIP team at ECRC (European Computer-Industry Research Centre) and were at the origin of the Constraint Programming Technology.

Products and services of COSYTEC

The core product of COSYTEC is CHIP V5, the Second-Generation Constraint Programming tool, offering the concept of Global Constraints in an Open Archi-tecture environment (CHIP/C, CHIP/C++ and CHIP++), providing the world's most advanced Constraint Solving system.

COSYTEC offers its professional services to its partners and customers in the form of Training, Consultancy and Technical Support as well as customer-specific application development for implementing advanced Decision Support Systems.

Market and Customers

Industry and Services leaders from all economic sectors willing to implement highly efficient software solutions for Resource Management & Optimisation problems especially in the areas of:


COSYTEC's products are used in 25 countries all over the world.

Contact Details

Parc Club Orsay Université,
4 rue Jean Rostand
91893 Orsay Cedex