PSA PEUGEOT CITROňN is Europe’s No. 2 carmaker with a market share of 12.7%. The Group sold 2,519,600 vehicles worldwide in 1999, beating its own historic record. PSA PEUGEOT CITROňN comprises two volume carmakers, Peugeot and CitroŽn, each with its own identity, personality, marketing drive and global ambitions.

The Group also includes an automotive parts manufacturer, Faurecia, a transport and logistics company, Gefco, and a number of automotive financing companies grouped under the umbrella of Banque PSA Finance.

Innovation plays a vital role in PSA PEUGEOT CITROňN’s growth policy. The Group has invested heavily to foster the development of new ideas in automotive styling, concepts and technologies. This strategy has already produced numerous tangible achievements.

Almost 13 000 people are devoted to innovation and development with an annual budget of 8.5 billion FRF.

Style and automotive design

Technology The Group is committed to an assertive environmental policy that is consistent with its growth, innovation and profitability targets. The workforce at 31 December 1999 :
126 200
Automotive equipment
27 500
6 700
2 000
Other buisnesses
3 400
TOTAL PSA Peugeot-CitroŽn
165 800
Of which France
115 500
Of which international
50 300